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CrimsonLogic's TFP is a suite of advanced, digital trade facilitation solutions which help governments and businesses worldwide orchestrate the movement of good across borders more efficiently and safely.

CrimsonLogic (CL) is part of the PSA Group and has over 30 years of experience in offering trade facilitation solutions to governments and business globally. With projects spanning 4 continents and linkages to 61 Customs nodes globally, CL offers a world-class, integrated Total Trade solution, empowering governments and businesses to capture new values in global trade. Leveraging on advance digital technologies, it enables stakeholders in the global trade ecosystem to establish connectivity at all levels (G2G, G2B and B2B) in order to strengthen their trade management capabilities, and sharpen their competitiveness in global trade. 

CrimsonLogic is enhancing digital transformation with its next generation of Total Trade Solutions, pioneering over 30 years of trade facilitation systems with cutting edge technology

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An intelligent one stop facility for information exchange between traders and government agencies  involved in international trade.


Providing World Class Solutions Globally

Proven, Comprehensive, Ready-made

Faster Implementation, Better ROI

Agility, Empowerment, Co-creation

Pushing Technological Boundaries


The Next Generation of Total Trade Solutions

Core Modules:


Manages all aspects of Customs processes such as imports, exports,  transshipments, transits, electronically and in accordance with the relevant legislation.


Used by Free Trade Zone Authorities or Operators to enable exchange of information  electronically between the FTZ Authority and Users / Traders operating in the free zone.


A modern and intelligent solution for Traders and OGAs (Other Governmental Agencies) to  submit, process & issue trade permits or LPCO (License, Permits, Certificates and Others) electronically.


Provides a single portal access to document submission for port clearance, in compliance  with IMO FAL Convention.

eMaritime Single Window

Integrated Risk Management

Incorporates cutting edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence & Machine  Learning to provide comprehensive coverage of risk elements from multiple angles.

Cross Border eCommerce

A fully-integrated digital eCommerce solution for Customs, OGA & Businesses.

Provides a 360 view of the trade performance. By displaying key performance indicators, it  promotes better understanding of trends and leads to faster, improved decision making; and more effective policies / strategies

Trade Visualization

Trade Advisory

One-Stop Trade Advisory Service for Traders and Logistics Service Providers. A digital platform that provides  updated trade compliance information for more than 180 countries.